Cloud Backup

If you don’t have a frequent backup plan in place — you should seriously get one!

Your Hard Drive can drop dead without notice. Laptops (or even your External Hard Drives) can be stolen or damaged.

With many plans available, let us remove the fear factor with either Bitz PC Cloud Backup, Carbonite, or SugarSync.

So, seriously… Stop stalling — before it turns into regret. Keep your priceless data safe from hardware failure, human error, theft, fire, etc.

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My laptop stopped working so I took it to Bestbuy and they said the turnaround time would be two weeks. I cannot be without my laptop for two weeks. Took it to Bitz pc and they were done with it in 2 days! I highly recommend BitZ Communications and will definitely be going back. Their customer service is phenomenal!
Catherine M.
Fast, friendly and way better customer support than any of the big guys out there.
Bradley J.
Great products! Great prices! Great Customer Service! And locally owned!
Stephanie M.