Bitz PC offers a full range of reliable servers — Lenovo ThinkServer and IBM System x, HP ProLiant, and even Intel custom builds. Whether you’re looking to share data throughout the company or just have a specific application that requires a centralized server — We can provide a stable solution that meets your requirements, exceeds your expectations, and doesn’t give you a bunch of extra features you won’t ever use.

While there are less expensive options, many have had great luck with a solid Lenovo ThinkServer running Windows Server 2012 Foundation, with RAID1 (Hard Drive Mirroring), backed by Lenovo for 3 years of next business day on-site service — all for $1,499 plus installation. Top this configuration off with Bitz PC Cloud Backup and your company’s files are safe and secure.

Contact Jeff by phone or e-mail today to get your new server priced out. You may also qualify for 0% financing through Lenovo Financial Services.