Computer Services

Since our founding date back in October 2000, we have provided a wide range of computer related services to thousands of customers throughout central North Dakota. Some of those services include, but are certainly not limited to:

  • Complete System Restore (format/re-install of Windows)
  • Spyware/Virus Detection and Removal
  • Hardware Diagnostics, Upgrades, and Installation
  • Replace Broken & Defective Parts on Notebooks (i.e. Broken LCD Screen)
  • Data Backup, Transfer, and Recovery (Even if a hard drive was accidentally formatted!)
  • Network Troubleshooting, Design, and Installation
    • Routers and Firewalls (We carry Cisco & Netgear)
    • Secured Wireless Networks (We carry Cisco & Netgear)
    • RG6, CAT5, and CAT6 Cable Runs for Commercial & Residential
    • In-Wall Faceplates with Coax, CAT5/6, and Phone Jacks (Panduit)
  • File Servers powered by Microsoft Windows Server and Unix/Linux
  • Web Servers powered by Microsoft Windows Server and Unix/Linux
  • Apple/Mac OS – Troubleshooting, Upgrades, and Repairs (iMac, MacBook, etc.)

If the service(s) you are in need of help with are not listed above, feel free and give us a call or send us an e-mail and we’ll let you know if you can be of help. If not, we will try and recommend somebody in the area that can — we have good working relationships with a lot of great area businesses.

Labor Rates
While others in the area are charging upwards of $125 per hour, our labor rates are still very fair and competitive — Only $60 per hour for in-store and $79 per hour for on-site with a $63.20 minimum (drive time factored in). If you’ve already checked around, you’ve probably found most of our competition has a minimum of 1 hour and some have a higher hourly rate.

Out of Minot Customers
For any customers located outside of Minot, we do have mileage/travel expenses of $0.80 per mile for the first tech and $0.45 per mile for any additional techs (if applicable). Our service vehicles are tracked by GPS, so we’re easily able to keep track of on-site and travel times — keeping it fair and honest for both of us!