Computer Sales

Years before Bitz PC was founded, we were building our own PCs with the best components in the industry. Fast forward more than a decade — we’re still building PCs with the best components the industry has to offer. Each custom built Bitz PC features a Gigabyte Motherboard, Crucial RAM, Top Rated Storage Drives, InWin or Antec Chassis and Power Supplies, etc. ¬†We didn’t (and still won’t) build our own PCs with cheap generic parts, so we wouldn’t offer them to you either.

Rest assured, we build PCs that are known to last and outperform the cheap PCs found at big retail stores. That’s where one of our slogans came from – “Bitz: Where quality meets affordability”.

We don’t just offer custom built PCs, however. We also offer quality desktops and laptops by Lenovo. Keep in mind, our focus isn’t on same ‘consumer grade’ products you’ll find in the retail stores. For example, we recommend and carry Lenovo ThinkPad notebooks and ThinkCentre or ThinkStation desktops — products that go through a series of torture tests to earn the ‘Think’ brand. (You won’t find these in-stock at Best Buy, Staples, or Walmart.)

We like to think everybody deserves ‘business quality’ products. Before you buy your next computing device — come see us.