Apple Computers

Prefer Apple over Windows PCs? We’ve got you covered! Bitz became an Apple Authorized Reseller in October 2008. Because Apple computers aren’t quite as popular and everybody seems to want a different model, we usually don’t keep them in-stock in Minot.  However, some iMac and MacBook models are available to us next business day.  Because we’re restricted to sell Apple products at MSRP, we don’t keep this page updated with models and pricing.

When you buy an Apple computer from us, the ‘Basic Setup’ is included in our price.  If you buy an Apple computer elsewhere and want us to do the basic setup and data transfer — we can definitely help.  Data transfer rates start as low as $20 and basic setup is as low as $30.

Apple Service work? We have plenty of Apple support experience and can handle all of your non-warranty issues. If your unit is under warranty, we can act as the middle-man and take care of your Apple warranty repair for a small, reasonable fee (as low as $20).

Stop by, give us a call, or send us an e-mail. We’ll get your next Mac ordered in, setup, and ready to go.